Needs Rounds: improving end of life care in care homes

Dying Matters in Care Homes

This Blog is published during Dying Matters Awareness Week – an annual reminder to pause and think about why dying does indeed matter, and to continue the push to engage people more in discussions about death, dying and bereavement. Dying has really mattered in care homes in the past year. Dying has always mattered on an

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My Patient and Public Involvement Journey with Needs Rounds

How I became involved in Patient and Public Involvement  I like to think that patient and public involvement (PPI) for me was no accident. I had been a volunteer as a child and throughout my adulthood. At senior school, I  supported a friend of the family to learn braille and I also volunteered once a week

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Improving end of life care in care homes is a matter of social justice

This photo is licensed under CC BY-SA  Poor end of life care exposed by the pandemic Covid-19 has had devastating effects on care homes across the UK.  Disproportionate numbers of excess deaths have been recorded amongst care home residents and there are increasing reports of people dying alone.  Discriminatory responses have included transferring older adults from hospitals to care homes, pressure to use do not attempt resuscitation (DNAR) / CPR orders, rationing according to

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